sobota, 10 kwietnia 2010

Ads introduced

Hi there!

Yesterday I've integrated Ads with AdMob into Sleep Log Automatic application.
The purpose is to test how much revenue can it generate, and how obstructive it is for Users.

As Sleep Log is free I feel it's fair to show ads in the App.
For those who don't like ads - I will put an ad-free version for $1 or sth on some alternative Android Market (as Google Market isn't allowing me to put paid app still).

Have fun!

sobota, 6 lutego 2010

Sleep Log Launched

My first application for Android - "Sleep Log Automatic" (previously Sleep Time Recorder) has been launched two weeks ago. It is now in 0.1.5.BETA version, which means it is not mature yet.

Comments, suggestions and issues are welcome.

Current TODO list:
- some distinguishable icon for the application
- implement some additional features like 'merging', or viewing history in graph.

Stay tuned for some updates soon!